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Akothee shares how her dowry negotiations went down [Video]

Akothee: My dad wants advance of 60%

Akothee with her fiancé, Dennis 'Omosh' Schweizer

Popular Kenyan singer Akothee's fiancé, Dennis 'Omosh' Schweizer, arrived in Kisumu on Monday evening to begin dowry negotiations.

Accompanied by friends from Switzerland, Omosh was greeted by the flashy singer and her closest group of friends as they arrived at the Kisumu International Airport.

The bride price talks, took place at Akothee's Migori home on Tuesday evening when the singer shared videos of the progress, including the meal preparation, and negotiations.


"Yooo, the negotiations hitting the roof," she captioned one of the videos.

"My dad wants advance of 60%," she said in another.

"Baas, my dad has mentioned the price," the singer also added.

The couple met in July 2022 while Akothee was vacationing in Switzerland and became engaged three months later. Unfortunately, Akothee lost a pregnancy in December of that year.


Despite the upcoming nuptials, Akothee insists that she will still hold the title of 'President of Single Mothers'.

In a statement to the press, she said, "My title does not necessarily mean I am still a single mother, it basically means a woman who has successfully raised all of her children without the privilege of a partner."

During the visitors' trip, they headed to one of Kisumu's most popular tourist attractions, the 'Kit-Mikayi' or 'stone of the first wife', followed by a trip to Dunga beach to enjoy some fresh tilapia and ugali.

In addition to her successful Akothee Safaris Tours and Travel company, which she has run for over 13 years, Akothee has now partnered with Omosh to expand their travel venture by bringing in his Switzerland-based company, MySafari.

On Instagram, Akothee expressed her excitement about the partnership and her upcoming marriage, saying, "Unaona hawa watatoa Ng'ombe ngapi? Ama tupewe tu Swiss Franc mambo iishe? Mnataka Ng'ombe ama Pesa? Ama yote?


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