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Miss Trudy faces backlash from Ugandans after this comment

Miss Trudy says Ugandans misunderstood her for speaking her truth

YouTuber Miss Trudy

Kenyan travel vlogger Miss Trudy has found herself at the centre of a social media storm after making comments about Uganda that some Ugandans online found offensive.

Miss Trudy, whose real name is Gertrude Awino Njeri, is in Uganda with her husband Wode Maya where she is also doing videos for her YouTube.

After a visit to a Ugandan park, Trudy tweeted that she was not aware that there was a national park in Uganda, which sparked anger among some Ugandans.

"Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have game drives in Uganda! I thought that these were only in Kenya and Tanzania. We spent the evening watching antelopes, giraffes, zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, and hippos. Who would have thought?" read Trudy's tweet.


Her comments did not go down well with some Ugandans, who accused her of being ignorant and disrespectful. In response to the backlash, Miss Trudy defended herself, saying that her comments were genuine and not aimed at undermining Uganda.

“I don't understand why people are coming at me, and it's not cool at all. You know, being a visitor, you people should be showing me, love. It's not like I have hated anyone. I am just speaking the truth. Am I not allowed to speak my truth?” Miss Trudy said in a video response.

Miss Trudy also said that her comment was coming from an honest view, noting that she didn't know much about her own country, despite being born and raised there.


"In my own country Kenya, I didn't even know we have a desert, and in all my life, I haven't known we have a desert in Kenya until I travelled there and vlogged about it," she explained.

"Ugandans, stop hating on me! You guys are being too sensitive for the wrong reasons. I am your friend. Not your enemy!" Trudy added.

A section of users however came to her defence, with some saying that she was being unfairly attacked and that Ugandans should pick learnings from her comment.

Jonah Kirabo Instead of criticizing their government for not marketing the country sufficiently, Ugandans are dragging this lady. I've spoken with friends in Kenya and abroad who had no idea what Uganda had to offer in terms of tourism. Many people in Europe are even unaware of Uganda…


Godwin okodi I feel she has a point coz...we don't advertise our wildlife well .most people are not aware of the beautiful scenery That we have in the Pearl of Africa... Let's increase on our publicity.

Jaq Thank you so very much Trudy for marketing Ugandan tourism sector. I can assure you, your un/intended opinion whether genuine or as a diss it is going to give milage to our tourism sector

Kisa Nkhoma I'm also surprised about the game. Thank you for even informing us. Sad about the hate comments. You are doing an amazing job. God be with you both. Keep rising


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