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Yvette Obura's classy response when pressured to confront Diana Marua

Yvette also addressed claims of being stuck on Bahati, adding that she is currently dating

Yvette Obura and Diana Bahati

Singer Kevin Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura yesterday engaged her fans and gave a classy response when asked why she has not confronted or responded to Bahati’s current wife, Diana Marua.

When asked by her fans to confront or respond to Diana, Yvette explained that her silence and decision not to engage in any online theatrics with the rapper is well-informed.

She noted that being a responsible parent, she will neither respond to Diana nor engage in any online theatrics so as to protect her daughter and her image.

Maintaining that the internet never forgets, Yvette noted that there is a level of respect she gives herself during an Instagram livestream session on March 11.


"By the way, let me tell you everything I do especially on social media I limit myself because, at the end of the day, Mueni will be in the next ten years Mueni will be old enough na atakuja social media aone." Yvette said when requested by fans to respond to Diana.

"Kuna ile heshima najipea (there is a level of respect I give myself)" she added.

Mama Mueni added that for now, she is handling everything gracefully and tactfully, noting that she won't confront the situation.


They know me watu wengi shule yao wananijua unajua ni wazazi, so when I take her to school ama kuna issue, stakangi…walimu waniangalie na ile side eye,". Yvette explained.

Speculation on a possible fallout between the two women was confirmed when Diana responded to a fan who questioned the absence of Mueni in one of her videos.

"Let's not involve Jesus where there is ungratefulness, bitterness, and spite. Love and light," read Diana’s response to the fan.

Yvette also delved into her private life, dismissing claims that she is still stuck on Bahati and explaining that moved on and has a man in her life.


She explained that Bahati being the father of her child, it is only natural that she has a certain level of attachment but nothing more than that as she has moved on.

She confirmed that she is back to dating and has a boyfriend who she has been dating for two years but remained cagey with the details as she tactfully evaded questions that fans asked.

"Sasa nyinyi mnajua kuna vitu siongeleangi (Now you guys want to ask about topics I never talk about)" she laughed off the questions.


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