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Diana Bahati finally reveals why she fell out with Yvette Obura

Diana Marua's revelation comes a few months after speculations of their fall out hit the internet.

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura hospitalized, Diana gives update

After a few months of speculations that Diana Marua and Bahatis baby mama Yvette obura were not in good terms, Diana might have hinted at a possible reason why they fell out.

The mother of three sparked curiosity after giving one of her fans a reply implying that Yvette is bitter, ungrateful and spiteful.

Diana was replying a fan who commented on her instagram video post. In the video Diana is seen walking her three kids, Heaven Bahati, Morgan Bahati and Majesty Bahati, who are all in their school uniform, to the car.

"There Goes my Pride and Joy. Forever in my heart" Diana captioned the video with tagging all her babies' names.


A fan who identifies as Damat Giriama, was the first to comment on the video beseeching Diana to burry whatever happened between her and Yvette for the sake of Mueni Bahati.

"Imagine if Mueni was there too. Whatever it is that happened,I rebuke the spirit of separation in Jesus Name! Let Peace reign and God Bring Back Baby Mueni home to her siblings" read her comment.


In response, Diana told her not to involved Jesus in such matters.

"Let's not involve Jesus where there is ungratefulness, bitterness and spite. Love and Light" Read Diana;s reply.

Before trouble started in paradise, Diana and Yvette had a very good relationship if what they posted on social media is what to go by.


They have always been praised for choosing peace over violence and creating a conducive environment for raising their children.

In July 222, Diana and Yvette shared beautiful family photos on social media. Fans lauded them for displaying high levels of maturity.


In a video that has since been pulled down, Diana had hosted mama Mueni for a chat about co-parenting on her YouTube Channel. Although they admitted it's not easy to co-parent, the two seemed happy.

Fans began speculating they were not in good terms in november 2022 when Diana failed to post or wish Mueni a happy birthday as she had always done.


They noticed that some things had changed, not just during the birthday, but Mueni was no longer going to Bahati's house during the holidays as was the norm.

Neither Diana nor Yvette had come out to confirm or deny the speculations that there was trouble in paradise, until now!


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