I can't get pregnant-Vera Sidika

Your sperm wasn't worth my womb...

After months of being in love and flaunting their love on social media, Vera and her Nigerian squeeze broke up. But the break up got very ugly after Yommy gave the world a sneak-peek into Vera’s chest area by leaking pics of her topless. And the nudes opened up a can of worms as Vera confessed that under Yommy she had suffered a great deal of abuse and she exposed him as a fraudster and a jailbird whose passport is in the possession of Dubai authorities to stop him from travelling.

Yommy has been silent for a while now but it seems he had a trick up his sleeve which was slandering Vera's name through the Kenyan media and BOY did he talk! He said that Vera had aborted his kid and he had even caught her cheating with a Kenyan politician, he went on complaining that Vera was still sleeping around even after they became exclusive.

As expected Vera has not taken this lying down and her clap back was swift and brutal and she bodied Yommy on Snapchat because as they say hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

First, Vera accused him of riding on her fame before really embarrassing him and crushing his ego after revealing that she didn’t think his sperm was worth her womb. Ouch!

"When he leaked my nudes and there was drama I never came out accusing Yommy of cheating coz I don’t care about that.  I cared about him being violent. If it is cheating, men cheat it's normal. I cheated too when I suspected he was.

Only spoke now cuz he called Kenyan media from Dubai claiming I was cheating on him in November. LMAO! He can’t even lie says he bumped into my phone in November yet I was in Kenya.He was in Dubai. He sneaked thru my phone in January, not Nov. By Jan I cheated on him with my BF on several occasions coz I knew he was too. I lied to a nigga I’m pregnant so he can behave and be nice and I can waste his time. Coz it was his dream to get me pregnant meanwhile I was enjoying with BF that time I went to Nigeria him assuming I was pregnant we were laughing at you. He kept begging me not to drink while in Naija coz I’m pregnant. Every day was clubbing, Hennessey champagne and good Sex. My Man and I were just laughing at the mumu, him sitting at home thinking I’m pregnant for his baby. My womb? NEVER.

You claim I aborted yet  you personally knew I had an implant to avoid getting pregnant because your sperm wasn't worth my, womb!F**k boy !" She ranted.

Speaking to Heads up earlier, Vera said "My ex is obsessed with me and that is why he has not moved on. I have not aborted any child. I have an implant for five years, so

She then went on to reveal that Yommy is obsessed with getting girls pregnant and he begs for pregnancy from the very beginning and when you say you’re not ready his mood takes a left turn.

She also addressed allegations that Yommy had offered her 500,000 Khs to sleep with her before they started dating.

" You claim you gave me 5k to sleep yet you sleep on a 30 dollar couch.Why the f**k u lying?Did yu also tell them you borrowed me money and never returned???Son of a b**!" She screamed.

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