Nation Media Group (NMG) Owned TV station NTV countered Royal media services minutes after it unveiled its new Nipashe Team that has been tasked to run the Swahili news desk at Citizen TV.

Minutes after Citizen took to its social media platform to share a promo consisting of most celebrated Swahili News anchors in the country for Citizen Nipashe, NTV was forced to make drastic changes to counter the promo with one of their own.

Earlier, reports indicated that NTV was supposed to unveil its NTV Jioni Team on Monday after World Cup finals.

However, that changed immediately Citizen TV’s promo for “Nipashe" went viral. Citizen unveiled the new star studded Swahili desk team in a promo running on their platforms.

The team comprises of experienced Swahili journalists who were poached from NTV and KTN.

Citizen Nipashe Team

They include Nimrod Taabu, Mashirima Kapombe, Jamila Mohamed, Swaleh Mdoe, Mwanahamisi Hamadi, Rashid Abdla and Lulu Hassan. The new show begins airing on Thursday night.

Rashid Abdalla replaced Kanze Dena on Citizen Nipashe and co-host with the wife Lulu Hassan.

The power couple will bring a new lease of life in the new segment 'Citizen Nipashe' after Kanze joined State House as the deputy spokesperson and deputy head of PSCU team.

On the other hand NTV introduced a number of new faces and other experienced journalists poached from Citizen, KBC and Ebru TV.


The Swahili news desk at NTV has Swaleh Salim, Doreen Majala, Nuru Abdulaziz,Kaltun Jama, Harith Salim, Jane Ngoiri and Dan Mule.

Who got a better Team; Citizen or NTV?

NTV Video

NTV unveils new NTV Jioni Team

Citizen Video

Citizen TV unveils new Citizen TV Nipashe Team