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Controversial songs that were pulled down from YouTube in 2019 (Full List)

What a blow!

Controversial songs that were pulled down from YouTube in 2019 (Full List)

2019 was a phenomenal year in the music industry. There was a huge musical evolution that saw the public embrace gengetone music which has become Kenya’s newest sensation.

The new kids on the block i.e. sailors, Ethic, Ochungulo and Boondocks, kept people entertained as they continued gaining recognition in the entertainment scene.

The new wave of music was accompanied with a lot of controversy, including sexual raunchy videos and explicit language, something that has been a subject of debate to date.

Some of the fast-rising music stars found themselves in trouble with the release of controversial songs that had to be pulled down from YouTube. Other big artistes in the industry also faced the same problem as their songs had copyright issues and explicit content.


Here are some of the songs that were erased from YouTube in 2019.


Tanzanian singer, Harmonize suffered a major setback when his hit song, ‘Uno’ was deleted from YouTube over copyright claims. The music video had already received over a million views on YouTube and was among the trending videos.

The singer had even held promotional tour of the hit song across Africa.


The song was deleted when Beat King Magix Enga, demanded Harmonize to pull down the song from YouTube on grounds that he had stolen the song from him.

The beats in question were used in Magix enga’s hit song, ‘Dudaing’ which featured King Kaka and Kristoff.

Harmonize’s management denied the infringement and assured their fans that the song would be back on YouTube. It was later re-uploaded and has received over 4 Million views on YouTube.



Popular gengetone group Ethic, didn’t know what was waiting for them when they released ‘Tarimbo’. First came the backlash and the allegations that the song was promoting rape and violence among women and the next thing, Kenya Film and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, was calling DCI to arrest them.

Mr Mutua then asked Google to take down the song from YouTube, a wish that was quickly granted.

The uproar from netizens forced Ethic to apologize to the public, stating that they didn’t mean to disrespect women, or either advocate for violence or rape.

The video was at 300k when it was pulled down from YouTube.



‘Figa’, a club banger released by Ethic was the hit song people were jamming to when it was deleted from YouTube over copyright claims. The song had even attracted the attention of celebrated Jamaican dance hall singer, Konshens, who even did a remix of the song.

The music video which had garnered over a million views had allegedly stolen the Figa beat from Spinnin’ Records in their song Cono by Puri ft Jhorrmountain and Adje.

The Figa audio which was produced by Motif de don, had to be deleted from Apple music and Deezer streaming platforms over the infringement.

Vitamin U


Wembe hitmaker, Timmy TDat pulled down ‘Vitamin U’, a song that featured his rumored Tanzanian girlfriend Rosa Ree.

The music video had nude scenes and explicit content that made YouTube restrict the song. It made it unavailable to audiences with a restricted mode on.

Many netizens had termed the music video as pornographic and obscene.

Timmy had to upload an edited version of the song with most nude and explicit parts blurred. He later disclosed that he had deleted the song for Rosa Ree since it landed her in trouble with the Tanzanian Authorities.


Earlier on, Moral policeman, Ezekiel Mutua had written to Google asking them to delete the song alongside Ethic’s Tarimbo.

Japo Kidogo

Japo Kidogo’ a song by Otile Brown and Khaligraph jones was deleted from Youtube over what Otile termed as ‘management issues’. He did not give a clear reason stating that he was not at liberty to discuss the matter publicly.

The video which was trending at number two with 200k views was pulled down just two days after its release. It was later uploaded again.



Alvindo’s deleted his song ‘takataka’ from YouTube after police launched a manhunt for him. This was after Ezekiel Mutua banned the media and Dj’s from playing the song because of the ‘degrading lyrics which advocated for violence against women by equating them to trash’.

Mr Mutua even went ahead to state that broadcasting and distribution of the song was a criminal offense that could lead to arrest.

However, the two parties reached an agreemnt when Alvindo presented himself to the Kenya Films and Classifications Board (KFCB) .


A statement from the regulatory body indicated that the meeting was fruitful and resulted in both parties reaching a mutual agreement.

The two parties came to the conclusion that while no further action would be taken against Alvindo, the song ‘Takataka’ would be pulled down from all online platforms.

The Takataka song was a dedication to his ex-girlfriend who dumped him and blocked him on every social media platform.

In the song Alvindo talked about how the woman’s heart is dirty as the devils. He even goes ahead to tell her that he will bewitch her, attend the burial, and laugh as she is buried.


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