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Diamond's mum speaks on her son impregnating ‘Salome’ video girl

Diamond's mum was angered after being asked if the son impregnated Zari Hassan's fierce rival.

Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond Platnumz in the 'Salome' video

The reason why people were so interested in Miss Mobetto was not only because of her doll-like beauty but also due to rumours that she had bedded Diamond.

A revelation that had Zari foaming at the mouth and going on a rant on social media. Having a house bought for her in South Africa and Hamisa wearing Diamond’s pants did nothing to appease Zari who once again sent out this rant aimed at Hamisa.

Now during a recent photo shoot, Hamisa was spotted bearing what looks like a baby bump though she hid it strategically with a denim coat. But since the photo shoot, Hamisa has been wearing long flowing clothes that some suspect are for hiding her pregnancy which the Shilawadus claim belongs to Diamond.


Now Diamond's mum is speaking on the issue for the first time.

This was on the U-heard segment on the XXL show on Clouds FM when Soudy Brown a radio presenter called up Diamond’s mum to speak about the issue of Mobetto and Diamond.

After asking whether Diamond had impregnated Diamond Platnumz, Mama Diamond retorted with “Umempa wewe? Napatana naye. Mimi napatana na kila mtu. Ananiona nuski, mbona unataka nionakane mimi mbea? Mimi nakuambia sinaga mambo hayo ya kukaa na watu kumuongelea mtu. Mimi napatana na Zari aliyeniletea watoto.”  (Translation: Are you the one that has impregnated her? I am friendly with Hamisa, I am friendly with everyone.Why do you want me to look like a gossip, I am not the kind of person to sit down and discuss other people. I am also close with Zari who brought me, my grandchildren)


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