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Diamond speaks on his new rate card & why he hasn't performed in Kenya for a while

Diamond reviewed his charges upwards to get what he deserves after realizing that artistes from other nations were paid more to perform in East Africa

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has broken his silence on his new rate card, explaining that he has not performed in Kenya for a while after adjusting his booking fee to a higher level.

The singer who flew into the country for the Tusker OktobaFest noted that with his new booking fee, some event organizers can not afford to have him perform.

Chibu Dangote explained that he reviewed his rates upwards after realising that artistes from other nations were paid much higher whenever they performed in East Africa while those from the region earned lower for their performance.

“I changed my rate card from what I used to charge back in the day because I realized that in East Africa, when artists from other nations come here they are more money but when it comes to us we are not paid well,Diamond explained.


He shared that he received several offers to perform but kept declining, noting that he is building the value of his brand and only accepts offers that match his rate card.

The Yatapita hitmaker stated that he was glad that the organizers of the Tusker OktobaFest which featured a star-studded lineup of artistes could afford his services.

“So I said I must be paid the money I deserve or else I don’t come. I received several offers and this one matched my price and that’s why I’m here. I’m building the value of my brand and sometimes East Africans may value other people and not you despite what you are doing,” Diamond explained.


The singer also used the opportunity to explain the absence of his son with Hamisa Mobetto, Dylan, during his Rwanda trip.

The trip saw Diamond travel in the company of Zari and Tanasha Donna’s children, with fans questioning the absence of Dylan as the Bongo star bonded with his children.

Diamond hinted that at the time of his trip to Rwanda for the Trace Awards Gala, Dylan was in school.

“Sio kila sehemu ni vyema kwenda na watoto, that’s why I came here alone, at time you are supposed to leave them to study.

“So I went with them to Rwanda but here I came alone because the kids are in school and sometimes it's not advisable to go with them everywhere. I will spoil them,” Diamond explained to the press.


Nillan, Tiffah and Naseeb Junior accompanied their father to Kigali while Dylan was nowhere in the picture, with fans questioning his absence after he shared the video.


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