DJ Soxxy reveals why his current wife left him, narrates how childlessness almost broke his marriage [Video]

Tough times

DJ Soxxy reveals why his current wife left him, narrates how childlessness almost broke his marriage

Popular Gospel DJ Soxxy and his wife Ann Kamau have opened up on the challenges they faced while dating and as a young couple, revealing how childlessness almost broke their marriage while battling a condition resulting from hormonal imbalance.

Anne recounted that her periods were regular until they suddenly stopped.

She went to hospital where she underwent a scan that revealed that she had Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age.

Anne who was 27 at that time and dating the gospel DJ was told that she may end up not having children, a statement which broke her heart.

The diagnosis almost brought their relationship to an end as Anne was under pressure to get pregnant while DJ Soxxy constantly assured her that all was well.

So severe were the challenges that at one point while still dating, Ann left him before the two later reunited.

Despite the constant reassurance from DJ Soxxy who went ahead and married her, Ann revealed that her whole world turned upside down and her marriage almost crumbled.

“The first three years of our marriage were the worst. Soxxy kept telling me that he felt like a sperm donor because I was only waiting to be with him on my fertile days” Anne stated.

“I noticed the emotional struggle when we got married. I was thinking about everyone's expectation after a wedding (having children) so I kept putting pressure on Soxxy to have children”. She added.

She kept on trying to conceive while managing the condition and her efforts were finally rewarded when she was confirmed pregnant.

“We went to the doctor, I did a scan and the doctor confirmed that I was five weeks pregnant. I carried the pregnancy with a lot of joy. Every pain that comes with pregnancy, from throwing up to back pains just brought joy to my life” Anne stated.

Below is the video of the couple sharing their experience with Citizen TV's Victoria Rubadiri.


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