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Babu Owino confirms abuse of Cocaine and Heroin

I've done a lot of drugs - Babu Owino

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has confirmed having abused narcotics, including heroin and cocaine.

The MP, however, insisted that he abused the drugs in his previous life, not disclosing when that might have been.

He further admitted that, in his experience, the drugs had impaired his judgement.

"Personally, I've consumed everything. I've consumed soft drugs, moderate drugs and even hard drugs. But I didn't see the benefit of it because it almost led to my destruction.


"I have done a lot of drugs, I've done cocaine, heroin and many brands of alcohol but that was in my last life and I have to admit that these drugs impair your judgement and they don't help the body in any way. If anything, they do a lot of harm to the body," the MP told his host.

The admission comes years after he denied having taken hard drugs after a photo of him appearing to be taking a white powdery substance was circulated in media.

In August 2019, he admitted to having abused bhang saying: "The amount I used was very little just to kill any cancerous cells that may be coming up in my body."


During the Tuesday interview, the MP noted that he was of the opinion that marijuana use should be regulated.

"One of the reasons why people consume bhang is for its medicinal value but of course it should be regulated. It should be legalized and regulated so that one is only allowed to take bhang prescribed by a doctor," he stated.

He went on to add that bhang is useful in boosting appetite and can also be used as an aphrodisiac.

I'll be a chang'aa brewers advocate - Babu

In an interview with blogger Robert Alai, Babu stated that he has also explored a wide array of alcoholic drinks.


He also noted that he had a soft-spot for those who make traditional brews stating that he would dedicate his law practice to advocating for their rights.

The legislator explained that his

He, however, noted that he no longer takes alcohol because, " made me have a lot of energy and I used that energy in the wrong way."

"But when it comes to these traditional brews, I think they should be legalized because when we have weddings, funerals and any other traditional ceremonies you see these muratina, chang'aa, busaa and the likes being consumed. They bring people together and they preserve our culture," he stated.


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