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Enock Sikolia reveals why he left Citizen TV & betrayal by friends in politics

Some blue ticked me, some never pick my calls to date. I was the person they called even late at night, I thought I was on their speed dials - Enock Sikolia

Enock Sikolia

Award-winning journalist Enock Sikolia has opened up on why he left Citizen TV and how his politicians who he thought were his friends ditched him in his time of need and stopped picking his calls altogether.

Taking to his YouTube channel 'Kenya Historian Official’, the journalist shared with his fans how he walked to the HR office and tendered his resignation, confident that things would work out well.

Sikolia who left Citizen TV at the height of his career clarified that he was not fired from the Royal Media Services-owned TV station.

"In July 2020, Many things were happening, one morning I walked to the HR office and I tendered my resignation.


“I was never sacked, I resigned. Citizens did not want me to go. I had made a decision that I was leaving Citizen TV." Sikolia stated.

The journalist shared that his decision to quit baffled the HR as he was on top of his game in the leading media house and with some of the best managers in the industry.

“She wondered why, yet I was at the best media house. I had the best managers eg Linus Kaikai and Joe Ageyo among others." The journalist shared.


It is after leaving Citizen TV ended that Sikolia came to learn who his real friends were.

All of a sudden, politicians who would call him frequently, including late at night and making him believe he was on their speed dials stopped calling him.

Even those who he though were his friends stopped receiving his calls.

“When I left, the politicians I used to call my friends stopped picking up my calls. I was the person they called even late at night, I thought I was on their speed dials." He added.

Blue ticks and not picking calls


Among the few who supported the journalist when he was out of employment were Aden Duale and Beatrice Elachi who he acknowledged for standing by him through the challenging times.

“Beatrice Elachi and Aden Duale supported me. Some blue ticked me, some never pick my calls to date.” Sikolia added.

Looking back at the decision to resign, the journalist who currently works for CGTN (China Global Television Network) noted that he is glad he resigned as it opened new opportunities and widened his scope of practice.

“Sometime before Covid escalated, I saw an advert and I felt I wanted to experience international journalism. I wanted a new experience. I left quietly because I did not put everything happening in my life on social media.” He added.


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