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Singer Vivian in trouble with Hubby as she gets intimate with NaiBoi in new Video

Kimeumana my friend!!!

Vivian Ke with Hubby Sam West

Singer Vivian Kenya is in disagreement with her Hubby Sam West over an intimate scene in her upcoming video featuring NaiBoi and Savara.

Sam West is demanding the removal of the intimate part between Naiboi and Vivian in the new Video titled “Cheza Chini” before its released.

In WhatsApp chats shared on Instagram, a jealous Sam, explains that he doesn’t like how Naiboi is holding his wife so close in the video.

The conversation starts with Vivian requesting members of a group called “Cheza Chini” if she can add Sam West, saying he has a few concerns he would like to share.


Sam West concerns

Guys I like the video but there are some parts I am not comfortable about. I don´t like this part where Naiboi is holding Vivian so closely. Kindly delete it before you release,” reads Sam West message.

NaiBoi, who is a member of the WhatsApp Group responds saying “Lakini Sam you should know this is what people want to see. People want to see Chemistry, between Wasanii”.

Sam responds “What Chemistry” as he exits the group.


Savara intervenes

As a way of keeping the conversation going, NaiBoi opts to question Vivian as to why she added Sam to the group “Vivian Mbona umeadd Muhusband! Hizi vitu mtu hucheza chini”

Sauti Sol’s Savara intervenes saying “Vivian Ongea na Sam. Lazima watu waskizane”. Lakini kuongea ukweli Naiboi and Vivian hiyo clip yenyu ni intimate sana”.


Fall out

Following the fall out, Vivian took to social media to seek advice from her fans on whether to edit out the part or leave it the way it is.

I didn’t want to share these screenshots between   and  here but I felt that I had to because I just don’t know what to do.In my upcoming video there is an intimate part between myself and Naiboi and Sam is not happy about it. Should we edit it or just leave it before we release?”



“Wachilia video. Fans need ti have a good time and enjoy music”

Mwalimu Churchill

“Mimi nauza kahawa kwa watu wamekuja kusoma comments kama mimi..”

Dess Barry

“Hio ndio hata tunataka kuona sasa hio intimate ndio pia sisi tujuwe intimate ni nini”



Vivian you disappoint me. Marriage is sacred and if your partner is uncomfortable with something you shouldn’t anika his insecurities to all your fans or workmates. You should address them privately and resolve them. Kama unamuacha then leave the nigga in peace, don’t show us screenshots of your conversations. This is what is messed up with this generation”

Ithinji Kinya “Can money,fans, viwers buy peace and love !ask wahu who to listen ...ama tunachezwo!”

However, despite the screenshots, the conversation looks more of a publicist stunt to hype the song than the true reflection of what the video contains.

Vivian Post


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