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Zari Hassan speaks for the first time after Diamond’s ratchet video with Hamisa

"I can't date Tanzanian men again"

In one of her Insta-stories, Zari is heard disowning Tandale, the place where her kids were born. The video starts with Zari playing around with her hair while having a chat with friends in a hotel room.

During their Insta-live conversation, Zari jokes about how her daughter Tiffah, who pronounces the word “Pretty” without an “r” while  appreciating the beauty of her hair.

“It’s pretty, in Tiffah’s voice, she is such a Tanzanian, you know you Tanzanians you don’t have an r, Tanzanian call me Zali, I understand where she is coming from” says Zari


One of her friends goes ahead to remind her that Tiffah is indeed from Tandale.

The confirmation prompts Zari to disown Tandale, stating that people from Tandale (Diamond’s home) have nothing to do and that’s why they are always poking their nose into her business.

“She is not from Tandale, Tandale for who, my child is not from Tandale, you think she is of those things they do from Tandale, they can’t mind their own business, I am their business, and they mind me. So where is our side niggah, he was coming to take the plates.” Says Zari in the Video

Zari's statement is aimed at Diamond and Hamisa who were mocking her in the viral videos, for attacking the singer for neglecting his kids, since their break up went public.


The Boss lady goes ahead to take a jibe at his Baby daddy by affirming that she can’t date Tanzanian men again, probably based on her experience with Singer.

“I can’t date Tanzania men” says Zari Hassan in the video

The videos prompted police to arrest him for interrogations with his case being scheduled for April 20.



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