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She washes and cooks for me- Harmonize opens up about relationship with Sarah

Nkiamka ananishughulikia

Speaking to Bongo 5, the Kwangwaru hitmaker divulged that he does not need his girlfriend to give him money for his music as his management ensures that everything is in order.

Love is enough


Harmonize who is signed under Wasafi Classic Baby recording label added that Sarah loving his music was enough support for him.

“Sarah mtu ambaye anafanya akamilike Harmonize. Anatake care, nkiamka ananishughulikia, ananifulia, atanipikia, nitakula, nitaondoka kuenda studio, nitarudi nimechoka atanishughulikia, ni mke wangu. Sarah ameekeza upendo tu, anapenda muziki wangu so hiyo yatosha kuwekeza kila kitu kwenye muziki wangu. Management yangu yatosha kuwekeza kila kitu kwa muziki wangu”, he said.

The Matatizo singer who started to get recognition in the music world three years ago is set to release his first album in January next year.  His fast rise has earned him many admirers as he continues to release hit after hit.


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