Mystery cop sends stern warning to this group of young ladies

Crime does not pay and KureForm ndio Form

Youth warned by Hessy wa Dandora

According to the cop, this group of ladies has been operating in the company of a gang of three men, and just recently they managed to rob three (3) Mpesa Shops at Kayole Junction and in the shot one man who later died while undergoing treatment at Mama Lucy Hospital.

“ There is this group of young ladies hanging around with armed guys, some of them are here in Dandora nd others in Kayole: like 2day morning at around 1000hrs, a Gang of Three(3) men and One(1) beautiful lady, managed to rob Three(3) Mpesa shops at Kayole junction and in the process, one male(in one of the robbed Mpesa shops) was shot in presence of his wife and he later died on the way to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital” posted the police officer.

The police officer warned the ladies engaging in Crime to reform hence calling on other police officers to stage action against this gangs.

“Let me tell u something girls of that caliber, wot ua husbands are doing to other people's husbands in their presence, is the same thing that will happen to ua husbands at ua sight: do u think it’s a joke,...... , nd other Hessy's can u people start the game, half time is over !!!!!!” read part of Hessy’s post on Facebook.

Apart from terrorizing innocent souls in Kayole and Dandora, Hessy also warned a guy by the name Junior.

He had warned him some time back but the guy has refused to change, and instead just the other day he killed an innocent “Mzee” in Dandora Phase 2.

“Morning members !!! Thiz is JUNIOR, I warned him some days ago: can u imagine he's the one that killed that mzee who was found dead a few days ago in Dandora phs 2: he was in a group of 2 other young boys nd they managed to stubb that Mzee to death: yesterday night btn 1930hrs nd 2100hrs, they again stabbed another man at Kifarage area near dump site(Mukuru): this kind of people are the ones  does not want in this community: am going to use any possible way to reach him nd am sure he will enjoy the music !!!! The clock is ticking !!!!!!!!” Captioned Hesy

If you happen to know those engaging in crime, be it a family member or even friends advise them to change so that we can live in a safer society.

As the slogan goes #KureformNdioForm, Youth better change as crime doesn't pay at all.


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