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I know they are waiting but I’ll never cheat on you - Diamond promises Tanasha

Tanasha is really special to him

Diamond and Tanasha (Instagram)

Diamond has cheated on almost if not all the women he has been with that is why most people were wondering if what he has with Tanasha will last.

Despite the public’s doubts he is determined to do right by his Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna. He is also well aware that people are wondering when he will drop the ball, but he has promised not to cheat.

“Roho yangu mie. Nakupenda mpaka nakupenda tena. Najua wanasubiri lini, ila watasubiri sana. Sikucheat hata iweje,” Diamond promised. (My love. I love you so much. I know they are wondering when I’ll cheat, but they will wait for a long time. I’ll never cheat on you no matter what).


“Te amo tanto mi amor. (I love you so much my love). You make me the happiest,” Tanasha dreamily replied.


Diamond’s declaration of loyalty comes months after fans warned the NRG radio beauty of Diamond’s ways. Tanasha Donna came out to fervently defend the ‘Tetema’ singer by writing “This is the last time I will address you hating ass pathetic critics. LAST TIME! All thanks to God, I’m about to spend the rest of my life with the kindest most amazing soul I’ve ever met…One who treats me like a queen. Sometimes I even wonder if I even deserve him. Your comments of “utaachwa” “he’s a player” this that really doesn't affect me cause ya’ll don’t know him like I do. And those who think they do have not the slightest clue. Tell me which single man on this planet is not a womanizer? Idiots! WENYE WIVU WAJINYONGE. I will NOT be addressing this NONSENSE ANYMORE.”


In a separate post, she wrote “People are so quick to give ‘advise’ on something they aren’t going through themselves. The truth is…they don’t really care. They just wanna throw their opinion in too. Start counting your own blessing instead of focusing on others.”


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