Akothee speaks on acquiring her wealth from Illuminati

Is Akothee a member of the Illuminati?

Some even assume that she gets her wealth from the Illuminati, but she addressed all these accusations during an interview with Jeff Koinange and Jalas on Hot 96.

She said that she doesn’t believe in Illuminati and stories of Illuminati and witch doctors only appeal to lazy bones.

"Most people talk about Illuminati, I don’t know where Illuminati is. Because if there is Illuminati I didn’t have to wake up at 2.am to catch a 4.am flight. Why didn’t I just ask Illuminati to come for an interview? I believe that (Illuminati) is a game for lazy people. There is nothing like Illuminati or waganga." She said.

She then went on to reveal that people often approach her asking her to take them to the source of her wealth since they thought she was a member of the Illuminati or consulted witch doctors, but she tells then that her wealth is from hard work. “People approach me, but I tell them there is nothing like Illuminati. I drove a taxi during the night and by day I manufactured liquid soap to survive.” She said on Hot 96.

“I had to hustle!A white man will not wake up in the morning and give an idiot some money." She said in regards to those who asked her to hook them up to a mzungu for wealth.

After hustling making soap in the day and driving a taxi by night, she used to hang out at the club and that was when she met her Swiss baby daddy and they moved to Switezerland. But he was not interested in marriage so he kicked her out when she was 9 months pregnant .

Seeing her in her desperate state, some people suggested a few things she could do to get back at her baby daddy and eke out a living but she wouldn’t so she decided to come back to Kenya and as she was coming back, her ex-boyfriend gave her 1 million Kshs.

“People believe that if you are dating mzungu you will enjoy high living standards but those people are living a normal life.When I came back people expected me to give birth at those fancy hospitals but I went to a cheaper hospital.700, 000 Kshs I used to buy me a second car for my taxi business, I paid rent for my children for a whole year with the rest.” She said on how she spent the 1 Million Kshs.

Two weeks after giving birth, Akothee was on the road again as a V.I.P taxi driver and that is when she met The French ambassador to Djibouti. Impressed that she was hustling just two weeks after giving birth, he invited her for a trip to Djibouti and as they say, the rest is history.

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