God has sent me to be your wife - Jeff Kuria opens up about his craziest fan experience

The Inooro TV presenter has spoken on his craziest fan experience.

And this was demonstrated by how hard his fandom went for him after the Kambua Vuka Mwaka Party Drama.

Sometimes when it comes to adoring celebrities, there are those who are unable to toe the thin line between fan and fanatical and there are fans who take things a little too far. Like an elderly fan who decided to drop by at the Royal Media Services’ gate claiming that God had spoken to her and told her that Jeff was her husband. So she packed up her belongings and made her way to Denis-Pritt road where RMS is located to meet her future bae.

“One day I was leaving to go home then the Citizen TV gateman called me and told me a lady wants to see me. I asked where is she? When I looked at her she was like my mum, my mum is about 56.She said I have a message to you from God, akaniambia ‘mimi ni (name withheld), nimetumwa na Mungu kwako sababu wewe ni bwana yangu. Nimeonyeshwa wewe ni bwana yangu.’ She had a suitcase and gunia full of sufurias and sahanis.” Jeff narrates.

Shocked by the incident, Jeff told the lady that God has not yet spoken to him yet but he will pray about it and when he does, he would get back to her.

“She said ‘no problem’ and asked me to give her cash as she had no fare and said ‘You are the only person I know by extension.’ Between me and poverty I had 500 shillings and so I gave her the cash, I had to walk from RMS to Muthaiga and get a lift but she has never come back.”

Talking of getting a wife, the eligible bachelor admitted that though he adores his fans, marrying a fan can be tricky business. “I don’t think I would date my fans because that person you marry will not take you as a husband but a radio presenter. For now, God will provide.”


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