Willy Paul performs Bahati's Mama song and totally steals the show (Video)

Imitation is the best form of flattery it is said, and Bahati will surely be flattered and proud at how his nemesis now friend owned his hit song Mama.


Bahati and Willy Paul are easily the two most controversial artists both in the whole music industry in Kenya leave alone the gospel scene.

The two new generation artists are also proof that controversy and a deep understanding of your target audience sells and is very marketable.

The command huge fan bases who defend and fight pseudo social media wars on their behalf.

When the two are not fending off accusations ranging from sex issues to drinking and clubbing they are busy fighting each other.

Most of all they are masters of manipulating the market with beef and peace and beef again though now it appears they tired of the tactic and are now friends.

This is actually a good thing because they share so much in common they basically stole each other’s brain.

Last Friday, on the Trend Show in the segment where the artists and show host Larry compete in miming a selected song, Willy Paul was given Bahati’s runaway hit ‘Mama’ and boy he killed it.

He didn’t need the miming as he sang word for word and pulled the whole Bahati’s dance moves set including the chair stunt. There was little difference with watching Bahati himself perfomring. Here is that outstanding performance

For proper comparison you can play the original song video by Bahati below. The only thing Willy Paul lacked was the attire but on another day these two could easily dress the same way.

Hate them or love them, for many of their fans, they are easy to relate proofs of talent’s ability to lift one from abject poverty to stardom. Hopefully the drama keeps on coming.


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