Instagram users have been treated to a bizarre incident after Zari Hassan’s late ex-husband resurfaces online.

A photo has been shared through his Instagram account raising heated conversations whether he died or is still alive.

The photo that has been posted is of Ivan and has been captioned:

“No matter the circumstances never forget to live your life’ ~Ivan semwanga”

The rich gang leader passed away on 25 May 2017 while undergoing treatment at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital in South Africa.

His funeral was chronicled in news, websites and social media and his reappearance on social media has come as very shocking.

Popularly referred to as Ivan Don, the late was a father of three of Zari Hassan’s children.

Other fans were quick to point out that his management are the ones in charge of his Instagram account while others were angered by the person who is at the helm of it.

Some of their comments were;

“But why can't you live this guy to rest in peace?

Mh haki kutumia account ya marehemu sio vizur watu watahisi yupo hajafa mara paaap wewe unae tumia accounts mwenye account yake umekujia ndotoni kuku chukua ndo utacha kutumia iyo account

Aiseeee huyu anayetumia akaunti hii si mzima wa akili

Ac yake ipo under management jaman wabongo

May his soul rest in eternal peace en may the management get wisdom on how to care this account may b nvr post again

Please stop using this account and open your own account. Is Ivan alive?!? Why are you using a dead mans account

Damn! This is creepy, why would any sane person use this account”

This is not the first time posts are being shared via Ivan’s Instagram account. Earlier, photos of his children were shared.