Why Diamond skipped Ivan Ssemwanga’s funeral

Diamond and his daughter Tiffah were noticeably missing from Ivan’s funeral…

Diamond Platnumz

But he had an explanation for it as he said that Ivan’s death happened on Thursday and he was slated for a Sunday performance and he could not cancel his concert with Koroga Festival on such notice so he had no choice but to perform. But as soon as he was done with his concert, he promised that he would jet off to Uganda to comfort his wife and the family as they prepared to lay Ivan to rest.

But Ivan was buried yesterday and Diamond was a no show and that fired off the gossip mill and sparked mass outrage on social media with people calling him heartless. According to the grapevine, Diamond was stopped at Entebbe Airport by immigration officers, while others claimed he didn’t go to the funeral as Ivan’s relatives didn’t want him to attend. In addition, he was accused of forbidding young Tiffah from attending the funeral.

Now we have information about what really happened that prevented Diamond from attending Ivan’s funeral and comforting Zari.

Speaking to Cloud F.M’s Soudy Brown, Diamond’s manager Sallam SK revealed that they (Diamond and his Wasafi Crew) skipped Ivan’s funeral as Zari had already left for the village by the time they wanted to go to Uganda and since they did not know their way around Uganda they went to Tanzania. He also revealed that they were not stopped at Entebbe as people claimed and went on to add that there is a Tanzanian embassy in Uganda and they could lobby it and gain entrance into the country.

In regards to Tiffah, Sallam revealed that the little girl didn’t go because Zari was in an unstable condition due to grief and can’t take care of Tiffah in her condition. And since funerals have a lot of commotion due to falling and people crying, Tiffah cannot protect herself from the commotion, she had to be left behind.

And on the Diamond and Ivan beef being the reason Diamond didn’t attend, Sallam revealed that Ivan and Diamond and never beefed let alone met. So one cannot beef with someone they do not know.


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