Lilian Muli is pregnant and I'm the father -Flamboyant Businessman claims

The Baby daddy is Here

Going by the Phone conversation, Nevaton was reluctant to talk about his relationship with Ms Muli.

Nevaton, who is currently abroad had been angered by the question of whether he was responsible for Ms Muli’s pregnancy.

“What sort of nonsense is that? Don’t ask me stupid questions,” he said before disconnecting the call.

However, he later on contacted The Nairobian requesting them not to put his personal Information to the limelight.

When asked if he is still together with Lilian Muli he said “Why are you asking me questions about my life? We are very together (sic). This is very personal information. Yes. When your wife gets pregnant does one ask who the father is? I am out of the country in London but let’s have lunch when I come back.”

A section of the public recently speculated that JKL host Jeff Koinange was responsible for Muli's pregnancy.

“Popular news anchor Lilian Muli pregnant - is it @KoinangeJeff 's pregnancy” Babu Mmoja wrote.

And Jeff Koinange responded with one big ” thoroughly tickling Twitter users.

Despite the claims, Lilian Muli has not commented on the matter.

Lilian filed for divorce in 2016 at the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Milimani -in Nairobi. Case No 19 of 2016 in which she claimed her husband was adulterous, having cheated on her with several women before deserting her.


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