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Michelle Morgan makes surprise comeback to prime time TV

She left Citizen TV , Ebru TV and K24 in search of something she would be passionate about but she is back.

But before we could get used to her she left Citizen in a rush because she felt that her ‘soul was dying’ when doing business reporting as she had zero passion for it. Attempts to move from her business segment to another area which she would be passionate about proved futile as there were simply no opportunities at Citizen TV.

“As you know at Citizen TV I did business news which was not really my passion. So I was confined to an area that I was not passionate about. And I expressed a desire to move away from that but there were no opportunities. Although is the most established station, I was unhappy there because I was doing something that was not making me happy.” She told Ghafla in a 2015 interview.

Michelle later resurfaced at Ebru TV which she quit again because she felt that it wasn’t working anymore when it came to what the station expected vs. what she was able to give. She later joined K24 before leaving to host an extreme sports Programme called Xtreme Outdoors Africa (XOA). Her split with K24 was amicable.


“I resigned as a news anchor at K24 in a very positive light. It was a very amicable separation. In my career as a news anchor, I cultivated love and passion for outdoor activities. It is what I love. I love adrenaline, I love extreme activities and this is the next chapter.” She said on XOA’s YouTube channel.

About a year after leaving K24 Michelle made a silent comeback to the station as a host for a show called ‘Jam Sessions'. She is now officially a prime-time news anchor for the K24 Evening Edition.


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