9 Kenyan celeb couples with a huge age difference (Photos)

Do you believe that age is just a number?

From the 18 years between The Fashionable Stepmum and her husband Maj (Rtd) Michael Kariuki to the 16 years between Yvonne and Andrew Matole, these celebrities have found a long-lasting relationship in partners much older than them.

1. Catherine Njeri Kariuki aka The Fashionable Stepmum and Maj (Rtd) Michael Kariuki

The kindergarten teacher and her husband Maj (Rtd) Michael Kariuki have managed to make it work despite their 18 year age difference and recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary.

They have also created a beautiful blended family with Maj Kariuki’s 4 children and her two biological ones. On creating a blended family, Catherine advises “Blended families take time to blend. You take time to understand the kids, get acquainted and appreciate one another. You listen to them. You meet them halfway. You put yourself in their shoes. It doesn’t matter if the shoes pinch or stink.”

2. Emmy Kosgei and Anselm Madubuko

Emmy married a man who is actually older than her dad Bishop Kosgei and the naysayers were quick to preach doom on their marriage but the two have proved their critics wrong and are having a thriving marriage.

Emmy revealed that marrying Pastor Anselm Madubuko was the right choice and given a chance to marry a young man in the event of a divorce, she wouldn’t take up the task.

In her opinion, younger men come with their ‘own problems’ and she has already had the taste of true love and respect from Anselm. “Tufiakwa! (God forbid!) No way (I can’t marry a younger man if I divorce).They come with their own problems and where I have gone now (high) is a big gap ooh…My husband has got me he loves me.” She disclosed on Talk Central.

3. Yvonne Okwara and Andrew Matole

Their love began at the vet’s office and culminated at the Nairobi Crowne Plaza hotel. Their wedding though private left tongues wagging over the 16 year age gap but Yvonne has maintained that they get along incredibly well and people’s talks do not bother them.

“People talked. People said things. That’s what comes with having a job in the limelight, but again, no one lives my life but me. My husband is my best friend, we get along incredibly well, and none of these other issues have ever mattered.” Yvonne affirmed in an interview with SDE.

4. Lucia Musau and Mark Victor Blockmans

The Fashion blogger wedded her Belgian sweetheart Serge Mark Victor Blockmans at the Flamingo Hotel on the North Coast 6 years ago. Not much is known about the couple other than they have a very handsome son named Lucius ‘Lush’ Blockmans.

5. Kambua and Jackson Mathu

The beautiful couple wedded at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country club and 6 years on the couple is still going strong. Since their wedding, Kambua has admitted that the strength of her man has helped her in her ministry and career and also strengthened her in her personal life.

“One of the things that I’m grateful for is that I met a really strong man and it’s because of him being strong that has helped me even in my ministry and career. That he is not fazed or moved by what people say and for the moments where I have gone through things and felt that ‘okay this has really hurt me’ he has been there to speak life into me and to encourage me. If there is anyone who is not bothered it’s my husband and I am learning, he is teaching me how to do that. How to not care because either way regardless of what you do people will have an opinion it just comes with the territory so yea he is cool.” She said during a Kiss 100 interview.

6. Pius Muiru and Lucy Muiru

The man being older is not always the case as Pastor Pius’ wife is older than him and the two have spent 20+ years together.

And 20+ years on, Pius still considers his wife as the Proverbs 31 wife. In a post on social media, he described her as the woman who has fulfilled Proverbs 18:22 in his life meaning that he has received favour from the Lord after finding a good wife.

And he went on to describe her as the coveted Proverbs 31 wife who is the immaculate example of womanhood as she is hardworking, graceful and is selflessly dedicated to caring for her entire family. This kind of woman is more precious than jewels.

7. Bahati and Diana Marua

The age gap between Bahati and his spouse is not that HUGE, but some people consider it pretty huge. But Diana is only 26 to Bahati’s 24 years.

Bahati disclosed that he chose Diana as an older woman wouldn’t ‘stress him out’. “I’m proud of my wife’s age, I always wanted an older woman, I matured up at the age of 12, growing up in the ghetto and I knew I’d want a woman who wouldn’t stress me out,” Bahati told Edaily.

8. Governor Alfred Mutua and Lillian Ngang’a

The former air hostess is married to Governor Alfred Mutua who at 48 is significantly older but thanks to his youthful looks, the age difference is not strikingly visible. Mutua describes his wife as lovely, beautiful and with a passion to help people.

“Lillian is a nice lady; she is lovely, beautiful, a great person but above all, she has a passion for other people. I like people who believe that life is not just about themselves – it’s what you do for society and destitute people,” Dr Mutua said in an interview with Citizen Digital.

9.Esther Passaris and Pius Mbugua Ngugi

Esther is the wife to renowned coffee farmer and Kenya Nut Company billionaire Pius Mbugua Ngugi.

During an interview on KTN, Passaris shocked many when she revealed that she was the second wife in a polygamous setup. In the interview, Passaris said “I’ve been very vocal and honest about my relationship. I’m in a polygamous setup. It’s not something that I’m proud of but neither is it something that I’m ashamed of. You kind of learn to balance the two. It is the situation that I’m in and I’ve got to accept it.”

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