King Kaka silences Esther Passaris and her Kwale counterpart in epic clash over 'Wajinga Nyinyi' song

Kaka Sungura on the rampage

A collage image of Esther Passaris and King Kaka

Award-winning rapper Kennedy Ombima, popularly known as King Kaka faced off with Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris and her Kwale counterpart Zuleikha Juma Hassan over accusations levelled against women represetatives in King Kaka’s latest artistic piece Wajinga Nyinyi.

Trouble started when the Kwale legislator took to Twitter to exonerate herself from accusations of mismanaging money meant for sanitary pads as documented in King Kaka’s poetic piece and received support from Passaris.

Naskia #WajingaNyinyi by @RabbitTheKing ametaja women reps tumekula pesa ya “pads meant for girls”. Some womn reps tulipea pads za 1 school term na wizara ya geder, sio pesa. Kwale tuligawanya mpaka paket ya mwisho, kila girl 4 mkononi mwake. Ushahidi uko tele. SIMO KATIKA SHIMO!”

A response from the entrepreneur and rapper known for his poetic lines and flow came thick and fast, with the artist for sitting pretty waiting for pads instead of going the extra mile to serve her constituents.

“Kazi yenu ni kureceive ama to represent us. If you see it’s not coming to you then you demand for pads. You get paid by the taxpayer to go the extra mile, don’t just get paid but fight for our girls. You should have all the answers and solutions #WajingaNyinyi.” Slammed King Kaka.

Passaris who threw her weight behind her Kwale counterpart also had her response served almost instantly.

“He (Kaka) has no idea that we do not control the sanitary towels budget, we only aided the distribution (not all counties received) with the county Comm's office & all the area chiefs. We as women reps have also been following up sanitary towels with the current line Ministry Education.” Wrote Passaris.

The rapper silenced the Nairobi Woman Rep, stating that she is well versed with the paper trail yet girls are not getting pads and questioned who is taking the money meant for a project authorized by the government.

“Funny thing is you are aware of the paper trail yet our girls are not getting the pads. So who is taking that money yet the government authorized the project. I am not fighting anyone I just want the people to get what’s theirs, you were elected to rep us.” Responded King Kaka.


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