Josh of the Duo Amos and Josh welcomes bouncing Baby Girl

Congratulations Josh and Merlyne Chepchumba

The two love birds who have named the Baby Anaya, welcomed her to the world with a special dedication dubbed #GimmeYourLove that was composed by Josh and his fiancée.

Speaking exclusively to, Josh revealed that, his new song is a special dedication to his bundle of joy.

“it's just been a week and I still fail in words to express exactly how I feel. But I swear it's a feeling I can't contain. It bubbles in my heart in a way I can't fully explain. All I know is no-one else will ever fully feel this for my princess as I do and I feel like being selfish with her love as well. So mama give me your Love, coz nobody will love you like I do. Be proudly daddy's girl and I'll be proudly your hero. I love you beyond words. May you have the courage and strength of your mother and and the sensitivity and compassion of your Father. Let the world realise they've been blessed by a gift from GOD' Call me 'BabaAnaya'” shared Josh.

Love struggles

In another post on his Instagram, Josh also revealed the struggles he has been through with his fiancée.

“Love isn't a bed of roses actually is just with the thorns as well... Hehe!! Me and this girl have been on a legit journey of learning each other. We've crossed paths in major ways and we have created memories that will last throughout our lives.I missed the first 3 months of our babies development within her coz of ego and anger but anytime I saw her puking or in some sort of pain all that didn't matter, I would wash the puke with my bare hands as much as we weren't talking. Blogs got wind and the headline was 'Trouble in Paradise"

“We've also gotten comments of people saying we are 'goals' and we are like what the hell are they talking about. We've hurt each other but we've forgiven each other more and that has made us more real with each other and we can now say we've got an angel in our lives. To my fellas out there I know we always long to see our seed some day but because of some ego issues, sometimes fears we end up being deadbeats but I know within every man that has a toi anywhere kuna hio love for that prince or princess that is always there Mungu to atusaidie from the fears and egos ndio we don't miss out on this love manze.  The earth just got blessed with a gift from God,” shared Josh



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