How Lizz Njagah saved a woman in Dubai

Talk about being your sister's helper.

The House of Lungula actress, Lizz, who is quite an open book to her fans took to her Facebook page to share the shocking story of how she and her friend Pauline saved a girl from two Arab guys at a club in Dubai.

After noticing that the lady might be in danger, Lizz and her friend faked their way into making them leave as they waited for someone to come pick the lucky girl up.

Here’s her story,

“This is a  story that could have turned out differently. I was once in a club in Dubai with my girlfriends. We had gone to an RnB night… As we were having fun we saw this really drunk girl (like she was falling all over herself seriously) and some guys were hovering around her. Two Arab guys… I just remember the guys laughing at her… like seriously mocking her and this is where our alarm bells went off, made us realize that something was off. After they danced with her for a few minutes on the dance floor, they started dragging her towards the exit… My friends and I were having none of it, we went up to them and asked the girl if she knew them… She said no, they asked us if we knew her, we said yes. (We lied, we didn't) She told us that a friend of hers was coming to pick her up in a little. The two guys disappeared after we showed up… only God knows what they were planning to do to her. We waited with her till her friend came. We are our sister's keeper… Be your sister's keeper. It’s a crazy world out there.”


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