Alex Mwakideu intervenes as Otile Brown and Jalang’o iron out their differences

The Beef is over now!

Alex Mwakideu, Jovial ,Otile Brown and Jalang'o

Musician Otile Brown and Milele FM’s presenter Jalang’o have managed to bury the hatchet after the intervention of Alex Mwakideu.

On Friday, Otile who was gracing the "Milele Concert Friday" opened up about not being in good terms with Jalang’o.

“Mimi na ndugu yangu huyu ni kama pia tuko na grudge! Na leo nataka tuizungumze, we are finishing everything today,” said Otile Brown while on air.

Mwakideu the mediator

Mwakideu interjected and asked the two to either square it out live on air or opt for a commercial break to iron out their issues.

“Mnataka hii pia iende kwa TV na Radio, hiyo haitaenda Hewani,” affirms Mwakideu.

After a short commercial break, Mwakideu announced that his co-host was now in talking terms with Otile, praising the latter's maturity in handling issues.

Point of agreement

"Wakati Wakhungu alikuwa anasoma news hapa na furahi kuwa mumeweza kumazila differences zenu na sasa Mambo yako sawa. I like how you deal with your issues Kiutu Uzima sana. And with that spirit utaenda Mbali sana,” Alex Mwakideu said.

As a way of confirming that things were back to normal Otile said “Nashukuru kwamba tumeweza kuongea na mambo yetu yamekwenda sawa."

“Kabisa sai tuko tayari kufanya kazi pamoja and I can’t wait for your next project,” added Jalang’o.

Jalang'o and Otile fall out

The two are believed to have crossed paths in February this year, when Jalang’o tried to compare Otile and three other musicians to the WCB Wasafi team.

“Do you know these guys Otile Brown, Masauti, Kalechi and Idi singer can take Wasafi head to head? Actually they are better. All they need is your support. What do you think” wrote Jalang’o.

The Baby Love hit-maker (Otile) responded, asking Jalang’o to stop making such comparisons as they make them look miserable and small.


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