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Mungatana worked hard to get me - Mwanaisha Chidzuga

He really sweated!

But unlike the popular assumption that TV girls easily fall for politicians, Mungatana had to bust his a** off to get Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Jambo, Mwanaisha said “He worked hard to get me, alitoa kijasho. Alinitafuta. Alipata simu yangu mpaka akaipata na kunipata haikuwa ati ‘I love you’, he worked hard to win me, to win my trust.”

Mwanaisha also disclosed that she got married to Mungatana after his first divorce which is contrary to a popular assumption that she is married as a second wife.


“By the time I was coming in kulikuwa hakuna issue, hao mengine I am not going to discuss it sababu siyajui.” She said making it clear that she is the one and only wife of Mungatana.

She refuted claims that it’s easy for a politician to nab a TV girl. “Media girls are different and people do not understand us and some like to spoil our name. They don’t know the sacrifices and hard work we have put in or invested to reach that level (of success). Most media women work hard, hizo magari makubwa tukipeleka wengi hatukununuliwa na watu,  tumechukua mikopo.”


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