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10 Most expensive areas to buy land in Nairobi

Nairobi is one of the most eyed town in terms of investments and resources

Nairobi City

Once in Nairobi everything is high ranging from population to the price of lands and therefore if you want to invest in the Nairobi Soil then you will be forced to go deep down your pockets.

But despite the high prices of land in Nairobi, the returns are always placed on a nother level thereafter, making investors not to shy away.

Probably you have a dream of owning land in Nairobi; here is a list of the most expensive places to purchase land in Nairobi.


On average per acre, a piece of land in Upperhill costs 542.1 million Kenya shillings following a rise from 510million in 2016

2. Westlands

An acre piece of land in Westlands will cost you a whole 393.1 million ksh on average following a rise from 388.9 million in last year.

  3. Kilimani

It’s the second most expensive suburb to buy land from. An acre will cost you a whopping 427.7 million ksh, following arise from 420.5 million ksh some few years back.


  4. Parklands

An acre piece of land in parkland will cost you a whole 380.2 million, making it the fourth most expensive area to buy land. This is an increase from last years, 386.3 million shillings from last year.

6. Lavington

An acre in Lavington has an average price of 216.1 million. This follows a drop from 218.1 million in last year December.

7. Gigiri


If you thinking of investing in Gigiri, a piece of land will cost you 204.3 million shillings, following a drop from 208.4 million.


On average an acre piece of land goes for 108.1 million shillings, following a drop from 108.6 last year.

9. Kileleshwa

An acre in Kileleshwa goes for a whole 260. 3 million following arise from 265. 2 million in 2015.




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