Nameless pours out his heart to Wahu as they celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary

Couple goals

A couple that has succeeded together not just in their individual music careers but also in raising a family and steering clear of scandals unlike many celebrity couples. In a society where divorce rate is so high, where millennials lean more towards the 'hookup' culture and frown upon marriage, it's great to see a young couple like Nameless and Wahu set a precedent and become an inspiration to many, by proving to us that indeed, marriage is a great thing when you find your soulmate. The power couple has been married for 13 years and not even once have they aired their dirty laundry in public. To celebrate their wedding anniversary, Nameless took to his Instagram to pen a heartwarming message to Wahu while simultaneously releasing a song to celebrate her.

"It's been 13 years since this beautiful day, 10th Sept 2005, when I married the love of my life. It's been a TRIIIIPPPP!!! ! We have been through so much together! We've loved passionately, we've fought, we've laughed and cried together, we've won and lost together! Yaaani we seen it all. And we still at it. Happy 13th anniversary babe! Love you to the moon and back! I celebrate this anniversary with this song , as a special dedication to my wife and 2 beautiful daughters! Through the ups and downs we've been through, AM GOOD as long as I've got you! ...Fam, allow me to celebrate my wife and daughters with this special dedication "Am Good" just dropped."  He posted.

Aw! Don't you wish you had a hubs that could serenade you with sweet songs? 'Am Good', a lyric video was released on YouTube and it's a beautiful song with a catchy chorus. In the lyric video, we see visuals of their marriage journey from before the kids to where they are at now.

A subset of the lyrics reads:

"...Every man needs a woman like you. A woman that's real and a woman that's true...with the strength of a lioness and the beauty of a rose...who stands by him through the highs and the lows..."

Here's the song:

Wahu, also took to her Instagram to celebrate her hubby:

"13 years ago...... on a day like today, by the beautiful shores of lake Naivasha, I said " I do" to my campus sweetheart! Babe!!!!!! Can you believe our marriage is finally a teenager!!!! I'm so excited and so grateful to God for bringing us this far. And what a ride it has been! The high highs and low lows... The successes and failures, the tears and joys, the arguments and make-ups... all this and so much more make the canvas of our life together ever so colourful. You are truly my ride or die. And babe...the song....... im speechless. It's beautiful beyond measure. Me and the girls can't stop listening to it. Thank you so much for loving us they way you do. We love you round the world and back again. *100. ." She posted.

Many consider Nameless and Wahu couple goals - well educated; Nameless studied Architecture while Wahu has a Degree in Mathematics; a thriving music career, a beautiful happy family and a they're aging like fine wine. Kinda like the Jada and Will of Kenya. Evidently, it's not hard to see why many look up to them! We wish them a happy anniversary.


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