Musicians Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat have been caught in an embarassing act of being accused of stealing a song from two fast rising artists from the Coast.

The two musicians identified as Ndanah Miqassa and Spizzo who work together as a group, have accused the two Timmy and Otile of stealing the idea for their latest song Wembe.

According to the artists who appeared on Hot96 breakfast Show hosted by Jalang’o, Timmy and Otile stole a song they both released seven months ago.

They claim that both Otile Brown and Timmy sampled their song Wenge which had not performed well after it was released and decided to come up with their version of it called Wembe from the same audio and video producers who created Wenge.

Ndanah and Spizzo said that they sent links to their music to Timmy Tdat for a collabo on their new song Kidege but he said to have liked their song Wenge. Otile Brown on the other hand, had asked the two for 200,000 shillings to have a collabo with them.

Asked whether they have been able to talk to Otile and Timmy, the two said their calls go unanswered and they have reached a point where they can be patient enough to talk with people who steal from them.

After I carefully listened to the two songs, Wenge and Wembe there is a very big similarity on the way the songs are structured with noticeable borrowed words from the first song.

Otile Brown and Timmy Tdat are yet to respond to the allegations.


NDANAH MIQASSA and Spizzo accuses Otile of stealing their song

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