I wash my baby and change his diapers- Njugush

I am a super dad- Njugush

The petite humorist revealed this in an interview which he shared on his YouTube channel. He admitted that he has been looking forward to being a father since he was young adding that he is so excited having achieved his long-awaited dream.

Spending time with kids

Njugush, together with his wife Celestine Ndinda have a son who is three months old now. During the interview, he was keen to point out that the 0-3 years old age group is very important for a kid and it is important for parents to spend time playing and teaching their kids since it is at this stage where the brain develops.

“The first days kuwa mwalimu, cheza na yeye and you will be connected It is no wonder watoto hupenda mama zao because baba ni wa kuenda mashughuli as mama anabaki na watoto.”

'Super dad'

About father’s day, the comedian said, “I can’t wait. I am a super dad yeey!,” He further expounded on what it means to be a super dad and this was his response, “More of everything lazima you hustle and be there for the family.” Adding that, “Naosha nachange diaper kitu inanishinda tu ni kunyonyesha.”

Unlike many other celebrities especially in the entertainment scene, Njugush will not open a social media account for his child.

“Opening an account for our child will not be one of our agendas because according to me, that is a personal decision they can make when they reach 18,” Njugush said in an interview earlier.


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