Kenyans troll sexy actress for photos without make-up

Who said make up isn't magic?

With great physique and a banging body, 23-year-old Florence Kutoto has featured in many a men’s fantasy as she is always taunting fans with her ever present sex appeal.

No wonder the disappointment from her fans when pictures of her without make up surfaced online.

Noti was center of Kenyan shade on social media for her looks.

Some called her a fraud for hiding under make up stating that she looked ashy and pale without cosmetics while others defended her decision to have ‘bleached her skin’ stating that she had a choice to do whatever she wanted with her body.

Here’s what they had to say:

Muthoni: This lady calls people fake yet amejibleach ma jik yani clorox mscheeeew

Miss_Irungu: IssaOliechkinda situation. Gal put on that hair back before I get a nyaunyo

Cieloh: Ain’t nothing wrong with bleaching- if someone isn’t comfortable in her natural skin let them change it, I mean it’s a free world ey- let people do what they want.

Kwaaa_jojo: lol it’s not about a bad phone! She looks like sh** without make up! You didn’t watch the behind the scenes? Also in person she looks so ashy and pale. #issafraud I was shocked! imagine she is not pretty! Mkorogo gang

Thtgoddess:  make up really changes people lol

Irene_Wanji: Na vile yeye uongea mbaya kumbe nikasoro tupu

Its_vovor: But most of the celebs be looking like this in real

Marianjohn5: Mkorogo mkali najua ika kamatia aiku achiliya


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