5 multi-million cars driven by 5 of the world’s most powerful people (Photos)

Ever wondered what kind of cars “The World’s Most Powerful People” drive?

Cadillac One

Well, wonder no more and have peek at the kind of cars that the movers and shakers of the world drive:

5. Pope Francis

Even though he presides over 1.2 Billion Catholics, the world’s most powerful religious leader is known for his simplicity and affable nature. The cool pope drives a vintage 1984 Renault 4 which was a gift from a 69 year old Italian priest called Rev. Renzo Zocca.

For security reasons and trips abroad, the Mercedes Popemobile is used. It has a bulletproof glass box to protect the Pope after the attempted assassination of John Paul II in 1981 by Mehmet Ali Ağca.

For trips within the Vatican City, he uses a compact Ford Focus instead.

4. President Xi Jinping- People's Republic of China

BMWs and Mercedes Benzs were put in the official list of cars for Chinese dignitaries but when it comes to parades, a home-grown car is the way to go.

President Xi rides in a limousine called the ‘Red Flag’ named after the Communist banner. The 'Red Flag' made its debut at a parade in 1959.

The retro style luxury Hongqi Limousine is custom made for him and weighs 3 tonnes, its 20 Feet long with a minimalistic interior but unlike other presidential car is only available in China for  $760,000 (about 79 Million Kshs).

3. Angela Merkel- Chancellor of Germany

The world’s most powerful woman and the 3 most powerful human being in the world comes from a country known for its unsurpassed engineering when it comes to cars, Germany. Angela has been spotted in a number of cars including an Audi A8 W12 L that has been described as ‘a true achievement of engineering and design’.

According to Wheels, it protects against explosive weapons due to its solid ballistic profiles and an armor-plated vehicle floor made of special  aluminium alloy. It’s 62 mm thick special glass has a splinter-inhibiting polycarbonate layer on the inside making it impenetrable even by Nato assault rifle bullets.

2. President Trump

The "Leader of the Free World" drives a new version of Cadillac One a.k.a 'The Beast’ which is bullet proof, rocket and chemical warfare attack proof.

The front windscreen can withstand armour piercing bullets, it has military grade bodywork, and the armour-plated fuel tank is resistant to explosives.

The boot contains the president’s blood for emergency transfusions, a fire-fighting system and teargas and smoke-screen dispensers. The Cadillac one also has shotguns on board and teargas and grenade launchers incase of an attack, Kevlar tires that can run on flat and an oxygen tank in case of a chemical attack.

1. Vladimir Putin

What kind of a car does the man who has been declared the world's most powerful person for four years running drive?

It said that he owns 700 cars and 4 yachts but a 1994 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman Guard was the car of choice for the Russian president. That was before it was put up for sale for $1.35 million dollars after his other car a BMW X7 was totalled and his driver killed during a head-on collision with a Mercedes Benz.

Putin’s new car however is slated to become better than any other car he owns; in fact it will be better than the ‘Beast’ itself.

Come September this year Putin will be rolling in a bomb, bullet and gas proof Russian-made car called Kortezh a.k.a ‘The safest car in the world’.

"This will be a big, heavy, six ton premium class vehicle, but will also be manoeuvrable and powerful…with an engine of about 800 horsepower, and most importantly, the safest car in the world." Alexei Borovkov, Head of the Engineering Centre of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University said.


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