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Zari Hassan forced to postpone the Birthday Party of daughter Tiffah at last minute

Diamond is expected to fly 30 fans to the Party

The much hyped Birthday party that had been scheduled on August 17, in South Africa has been shifted to a later date due to what Zari termed as having a tight schedule.

“I will throw my bday Party before the month ends Inshallah. Change of plans. Mom is caught up” wrote Zari through her daughters account.


SA celebrations

Earlier, On her Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz had advertised that Tiffah’s Birthday Party will see 30 fans from Tanzania fly to South Africa to join his family in the celebrations.

But the plan seems to be hold now, due to Zari’s latest update, as she continue to run a few businesses in Uganda before flying back to her home in South Africa.

“16th  's Birthday 17th  Birthday in South Africa!... i know Mendez can't wait for this Weekend!!!.. Watu 30 Wenye Bahati ntawalipia Ndege na Malazi kwenda Kusheherekea na  Uzaliwa wake South Africa ....... wanyumbani kama kawa LIVE on  !!!  ( OUTFIT by ” shared Diamond Planumz


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