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Robert Burale’s strong reaction after Kirinyaga Deputy Governor was caught in an embarrassing act

A video of the Deputy Governor with a naked woman surfaced on Tuesday

He added that our systems as a country is now attracting people to scandalous gossip and this will only create a generation that will be gossiping with their children.

Burale wondered whether it would have the same excitement if it had been a video of a leader talking about development.


Here is his statement;

“The last 36 hours we have seen excitement on people social media platforms, WhatsApp groups about an incident that has somehow uncovered some two grown people. Some have even borrowed bundles to watch and RE WATCH... This begs the question ..If it was a video of a leader speaking about development ..would it have the same EXCITEMENT????? Well as much as we are “laughing “at another’s situation Said Robert Burale.

Burale’s reaction came after a raunchy video and pictures of the Kirinyaga Deputy Governor naked in a room with an unknown woman while in Kakamega for the fifth Devolution Conference surfaced online.


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