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Kibaki’s grandson blasted by Kenyans after rare interview

Another day, another roast.

Sean had gone to the radio station to talk about the exploitation of models in Kenya but people felt that he was not in a position to do it because he comes from a privileged background and doesn’t ‘know the struggles of a common mwananchi.’

Others felt that he had ‘stolen’ the spotlight from Sheila Kanini who had brought the story to light and she should have been the one on the interview. While another KOT felt that he shouldn’t speak about the issue since most of those who had spoken up about the exploitation were ladies and as a man, he was not ‘intimately aware of their experiences.’

Others accused the new Capital FM ‘Hits not Homework’ crew for riding on the #paymodelske wave.


Nyaranga Odundo tweeted “I don't understand why you chose not to speak with @TsandyJoan & @sheila_kanini about this. Also odd that many of the #PayModelsKE stories were shared by women but you chose to interview a man because obviously, he is intimately aware of their experiences, right?” with Sharon Mwangi adding “Why not interview @sheila_kanini who started the #paymodelske hashtag and was brave enough to share her experiences and start a much-needed conversation? Anyway, I guess y'all just wanna interview your friends soooo.”

Akumu Fiona added “Exactly! Shame on you @HitsNotHomework. Right hashtag. (Just riding the wave) Wrong interviewee. Tisk tisk!.”

Others were very bare-knuckled with Sean and tweeted “This mother**ker doesn’t need the money Tf u asking him for?he can do free modelling for 100 years but still remain rich His grandfather has billions why don't you ask hustling and upcoming models?? Or the lady who started this... Man who hired this social media manager?”

Sean has taken to social media to defend himself by tweeting “Dear haters, thank you for your entertaining input... however what you said lacks value to the issues at hand. While you were being negative, I as an individual took a positive stand with my united colleagues and we came out and spoke for #paymodelske.”

Others were not pleased with his response and encouraged him to take criticism and not label everyone on his timeline as a hater.


To which Sean replied with:

In the end, Sean concluded that he wanted people to stop ‘dwelling on who was interviewed for what and focus on what matters’ which is ‘#paymodelske.’


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