Another beautiful celebrity rejects Ringtone’s Range Rover offer

She wasn’t impressed by the Sh16 Million car.

And one of them is Zari Hassan who wasn’t too impressed by Ringtone’s Range Rover Gift.

When Zari came to Kenya for the Color Purple Concert, Ringtone attempted to deliver the machine to her when he learnt that she was having an interview with Shaffie and Adelle on Kiss 100.

Unfortunately, he missed her by a whisker as she had already left to do other things. Any further attempts to deliver the machine to the starlet were quickly thwarted by Zari who savagely wrote that the Range Rover could only appeal to someone with a 20-year-old model.

“There is someone with a 1998 model that could use this range not me. she wrote.

Undaunted, Ringtone announced that the car is still hers and she could use it whenever she was in Kenya. “The gifts of God are permanent the car is here @zarithebosslady when ukikuja Kenya you will be using it but you can as well pick it anytime you want," He announced on Instagram.

About two weeks after Zari left the country, the Range Rover has been offered to another celeb, Tanzanian singer Shilole aka Bad Girl Shishi. This was during the Chipukeezy Show where the TV host asked her if she would take it if Ringtone offered it.

“Alitoa range Rover na akampa Zari akikupa wewe utachukua?”Chipukeezy asked to which Shilole replied with “No I don’t like it.”


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