Top 10 steamiest photos Of Pastor Kanyari’s smoking-hot sister

The Kanyari family is famous for fleecing their hapless followers through fake miracles.


Pastor Kanyari of Salvation Healing Ministry made headlines in October 2014 after KTN’s ‘Inside Story’ exposed him as a fraud. The program revealed that most of those people who had allegedly been healed by Pastor Kanyari were not even sick in the first place, they were just really good actors. He also used Potassium Permanganate to create delusions of miracles which were watched with wide-eyed amazement by his congregants.

His mum Lucy Nduta was also accused of getting 1 Million Kshs off trusting Christians by promising them the inaccessible AIDS cure though prayers. The Nation reported that the ‘healer’ was charged with 6 counts of fraud after she was discovered that her prayers did not work and yet most of her patients had sold off property and taken loans to offset the steep cost of Lucy’s miracles.

But at least there is someone in the Kanyari family who is not caught up in fraudulent cases, her name is Wahu Starlet and the only thing she is guilty of is being too hot.

Here are some of the hottest photos of Lucy’s daughter:

Images Courtesy of Wahu Scarlet


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