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I am allergic to chips! Huddah’s look-alike storms out of TV date

Another day another blind date gone left on Ebru TV’s ‘Perfect Match’.

The date between Trap Queen Kaswi and Raymond on ‘Perfect Match’ proved to be an imperfect match that was hostile from the very start.

The vibe was pretty frosty with the hopefuls squabbling for a while over some mundane things before settling down to eat. With their mouths full, one would assume that the date would simmer down to a friendly level but noooo! The lady was allergic to fries.

“You can eat.” Raymond offered before Trap Queen butted in with “I am allergic to fries.”


“What do you want?” Raymond asked before Trap Queen said, “I can have Chicken tikka and a glass of juice.”

Raymond did not get the tikka and juice his date wanted and it turned into another argument with Trap Queen accusing of Raymond not caring about her health.

Frustrated, Raymond rolled his eyes which was the force needed to end that train wreck of a date.

“You are acting girlish? You are rolling your eyes, you are wearing earrings...” Kaswii noted and Raymond interjected with “Lady, that’s me take it or leave it!”

“Oh really? You are acting sooo gay. I mean I can’t do this,” Trap queen said and picked her phone to leave.


“Did you just call me gay?” an angry Raymond asked and Trap Queen said, “Yeah you are so gay,” Before making a mad dash out of the date.

Though bad, this is not the only ‘Perfect Match’ episode that has ended up in ashes. A few episodes ago a hopeful was chased out of the date for being rude.


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