Types of friends you are likely to have in every group

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Types of friends you are likely to have in every group

A wise man once said that no man is an island, and the statement couldn’t be any truer. We need friends in our lives and they usually come in different shapes and sizes as well as different personalities.

You will have the type of friend who keeps borrowing stuff from clothes to money, the one who always wants to be more than a friend and the one who has a funny laugh that cracks up the other people.

Pulse Live ran a quick check and came up with the different types of friends you are likely to have in every group.

Take a look;

The party animal

They can party from Monday to Monday. They know the latest joints in town, know where you can find cheap booze or even high-end strip clubs. They barely spend time at home because they are always on the move. You can always count on them to deliver any type of drugs.

You would think that they are never serious with life but funny thing they have successful careers and relationships.

The one who keeps finding love

We all have that one friend who keeps finding true love despite numerous break ups. Just two weeks after getting dumped, they will get into another relationship because they have found the one. The one who was meant for them. Their perfect soulmate.

There won’t be a moment in their life where they are single. They are always dating.

The photo addict

They were born to take photos. If they aren’t going for photo shoots, they are documenting every moment of their life and sharing it on social media. They will take pictures of food, events, vacation, everything.

They will force you to take a hundred photos even when you don’t feel like.

The eater

They are always eating something because they are always hungry. When you call to check up on them, they will have to mention how hungry they are or how they were planning to eat. They are always the first one to order a meal when the group meets.

The intelligent one

They know about history, science, politics and technology. They are always updated on current affairs not only in the country but globally. They scored a very good grade in High School and pursued a course like biochemical engineering, architecture and Economy & statistics.

You can never lie about anything because they know everything.

The Drama Queen

They are the crazy type of friends. Wild, talkative, loud and daring. They are never afraid to approach a stranger or go home with them. They are a ticking bomb ready to explode.

They can engage in a fight anytime or get caught up in an ugly argument. They are usually responsible for the mess they cause but most times they will blame it on the other person. Their worst side usually comes out when they get intoxicated.

The religious one

They love God with all their heart and Christ Lord is their personal savior. They go to church every Sunday and live a holy life. To them everyone else is a sinner. They know perfectly well that they will see the gates of heaven where their father will welcome them home.

Part of their job in the group is to remind everyone to repent and give their lives to Christ.

The trendy friend

There’s always that one friend in the group who is super stylish and elegant. He will wear the latest outfits and wear expensive designer perfumes. During a meet up when guys are dressed casually, he will have a sophisticated stylish outfit. It’s like he’s always prepared for a fashion show.

The adviser

This is the mother hen of the group. He will advise people and try to keep them grounded lest they fall apart. He has strict life values and rules that keep him disciplined, specially when it comes to women and finances.

He is the glue that keeps the circle together and also plans regular meet ups.

The rich one

He is the sponsor of the group. He is always loaded and when other people complain of being broke, he cannot relate. Most of these friends are usually born in a rich family and have inherited a big share of their parents’ money. They drive a Subaru and are always hoping from one city to another in the search of adventure. They are the ones who keep footing the bills.

The 'misleader'

You can never trust anything that comes from their mouth. They are never scared of making bad decisions. They are the type of people who can miss work because they have to attend a party somewhere.

They always have the worst kind of advice and live life the way they want to. Nothing scares them.

The Joker

They light up people’s world. Everyone loves their company because its never a dull moment around them. They are funny, entertaining and lively. They always have interesting stories to crack up people’s ribs.

The emotional one

All it takes is a single hello and they will pour their heart out and tell you what’s been bothering them since the last time you talked. They will talk about their worrying finances, their troublesome lover and their lion of a boss.

Sometimes, their woes never end.

The busy friend

We all have that one friend who is always busy. If they are not working, they are meeting a client or travelling out of town. And if they are not doing any of the above, they are at home resting because they don’t feel well. Things might be worse if they have a family.

The Handsome one

There will always be that guy in a group whom ladies fall in love with, the minute they see him. He is handsome, has a good sense of humor and is very charming. Girls will drop on his feet like flies.

He is usually very funny and everyone is drawn to him.

The gossiper

They are the Mr. Know it all. They know everything that’s happening in their friend’s lives. From who cheated on who to who is going broke. They are always up in everyone’s business and are not afraid to cross the boundary just to dig up some dirt.

The sleeper

This friend is always on the way. They are ever late to meetings because they are always sleeping. If you call them they will either have woken up, or planning to sleep.


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