Strong reactions to Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s fake break up

“Who started these rumours about a breakup?” Vera asked.

Vera and Otile recently sent the rumour mill on overdrive with news of a possible break up after they unfollowed each other and deleted photos of them together on Instagram. Something which indicates the end of a relationship in the age of social media.

Acts which many have now come to learn were most likely stage-managed to create publicity for Otile’s new hit ‘Baby Love’ which has already garnered over 70,000 views in 5 hours.

After the release of the video, Vera has now commented on the breakup rumours after maintaining her silence when the reports were at their peak.

She railed at bloggers for spreading fake news before revealing that she has had received many international calls over the breakup. Exes have also been contacting her and people have slid into her DM.

“What I really don’t get is…who started these rumours about a breakup? And for a fact, I never spoke to any media house. Zero. Kenyan blogs have a tendency of creating fake news and making look y’all stupid,” She wrote on Snapchat.

Despite the explanation, some fans were not excited about the stunt and accused the two of using ‘kiki’ to push Otile’s song. Others were happy that the two had not split and that Otile’s new jam was a bop.

Check out the reactions:

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