Vera Sidika accused of buying YouTube views after ‘Nalia’ song got 800,000 views in 1 week

As of 21st November, the song had 924,046 views.

Vera Sidika

When it was first released, it trended at Number one for a while over Rayvanny and Diamond’s ‘Mwanza’. 11 Days on, the video is still trending but not everyone thinks that Vera’s views are legit. And one of them is rapper Sosuun who claims that Vera bought her views even though Vera has been on the top 5 trending list for a while.

In a post that has been liked more than 450 times and garnered close to a hundred comments, Sosuun writes “The problem with buying views is realising with all those counts nobody can really sing along to the song, then u go back to square one which is "Sing for money wins" It’s better to stay true to your art otherwise you are lying to no one but yourself!! #tempopost”

She then went on to add that the reason she decided to bring up Vera’s song is that she doesn’t want fans to equate high quality music to a high number of views. “Wasee wanaset new standards and strategies about music on an industry tht is dying,mafans wanabelieve views ndio good music ata fake not on my watch, mtetezi wa msanii wa Kenya ni mimi na nikisonga tu hivi,kama hatuchezwi kwenyu kwetu hamtachezwa pia.”

Octopizzo and the ‘Oliel’ controversy

Vera is not the only one who has been accused of buying views, a few months ago, Octopizzo was accused of buying views. This was after the ‘Oliel’ song garnered 2,069,215 views within one week of release.

Netizens and tech pundits said that the views were doctored for a myriad of reasons, the video didn’t make it to the top of the trending list and the stagnation of views after it hit around 1.4 Million. The low number of likes, dislikes and comments on the video further poked holes into his viral success. Others said that the views were not real based on the number of subscribers to his channel, although this theory can be tossed out as subscribing is not really a big thing in Kenya, people just tend to watch and leave.

As the controversy and conspiracy theories raged on, Octopizzo kept his silence about the whole issue preferring to promote his song instead and interact with fans.


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