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Vera Sidika embarrasses Otile Brown days after breaking up with him [Video]

Vera Sidika reveals embarrassing details about Otile Brown

Vera Sidika. She has announced her break-up with Otile Brown, revealing embarrassing details about the musician

Sidika revealed that as soon as they reunited, Otile resorted to borrowing huge sums of money from her, effectively turning her into a cash cow and making her question Otile’s intentions.

Trouble started two days after they reunited when Otile Brown requested for Sh 500,000 from her to buy a new Mercedes after trading in his car.

This coming just a few hours after he allowed Otile back into her life got Sidika on the alert the alert.


An alert Sidika declined to give Otile the money, pretending that she did not have the cash and advising that since it was not an emergency, the matter could be handled at a later date.

Having failed to get the cash, Otile went quiet on Sidika, making her fully convinced that the singing sensation was out to use her for financial gain and fame.

Shortly afterwards, the two former lovebirds had a discussion and agreed to end their relationship, making Sidika convinced that Otile Brown was not genuine in the first place.

The Socialite took to her YouTube Channel, giving a blow by blow account of how  things unfolded in the video below.


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