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5 lessons we can learn from celeb weddings (Photos)

So many weddings so many lessons, but here are 5 of the best...

The Set-up for Evaline and Paul's wedding

Well they can, here are 5 of the best tips we have learnt from celebrity weddings.

1. Switch up from white

White is not the only colour in the wedding rainbow, just like Mrs Mwaura showed us during her wedding to Paul Mwaura. She wore an Ivory-ish, beige-ish Maggie Sottero wedding gown that is honestly the classiest wedding dress I have seen so far.

2. Numbers are key


A lot of people will be hella mad if you didn't invite them, but then again weddings are expensive and having a lot of people will blow your budget. There is honestly no need to spend 5 Million Kshs on a wedding and suffer afterwards. Take a leaf from This is Ess’s book where she had an intimate close-knit wedding attended by close family and friends.

3. Support local designers

While a Zuhair Murad gown is literally every girl’s dream, having one made locally might just surprise you because we have VERY talented people back here. Such as this stunning dress that was made for Joyce Omondi during her wedding by her best friend Naomi Wambugu of ‘Naomy Design’

4. Get a great makeup artist; test them out before the big day...


Please, my fellow sisters, get a makeup artist to beat you face months before so that if the makeup gives you a rash you have a month to heal. Also, make sure you test out your make-up artist weeks before your big day. Take shots under different lighting because we all know camera flashback is real and will give you a ghostly cast. Just ask Nyota Ndogo who grumbled about a make-up artist almost ruining her big day.

5. Privacy is Key

Many people don't believe that telling everybody about their wedding because some people have what we call an evil eye, and they cast bad vibes your way.

Only talk about your wedding to those who matter like your friends and family and even loyal fans, an element of surprise is crucial just like Janet Mbugua taught us with her fancy Chaka Ranch wedding.


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