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Why we named our child Gold - Mr Seed and Nimmo

His full name is Gold Christen Omondi.

Seed and Nimmo during their baby shower (Infinity Clix)

Celebrities like outlandish names for their children.

We have seen celebrities in Hollywood chose unusual names like True, Apple, North, Gravity, True and even Cricket Pearl for their kids. Closer home we have names like Kwanza, Mango, Keep It Real, Rica Pokot, Am Blessed, Hotani and Heaven.

Mr Seed and Nimmo have now joined the unusual names bandwagon and named their child Gold Christen Omondi.


The two recently explained why they chose to name their child ‘Gold’.

 “Mr Seed chose the name Gold and had it in his mind for a very long time. He used to say that he liked the name Gold and if he got a child he would name them Gold. I chose the name Christen meaning Christ’s follower. His full name is Gold Christen Omondi, Omondi is his father’s name,” Nimmo said during a phone call with Mzazi Willy Tuva.

Mr Seed then added “I like the name Gold. Actually, I even had the name in mind before we thought of getting a baby. I have a tattoo on my hand written Gold.”

Navy Kenzo


Gold seems to be a popular name as Tanzanian musicians Navy Kenzo (Nahreel and Aika) named their son Gold.

A month after he was born, he landed his first endorsement as the brand ambassador for Kids City Shopping, a move that left his parents Aika and Navy Kenzo happy.

“Congratulations my baby Boy on your first endorsement more to come u are a shining Star. @gold_navykenzo. Hongera sana mwanangu, nauhakika hii ni ya kwanza tu, bado nyingi kibao zitakuja. Ambasador,” his mother Aika posted on her Instagram account.


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