Willy Paul brags about helping Chris Brown and Trey Songz

Apparently gospel singer Willy Paul came in handy in helping Chris Brown and Trey Songz when they needed him most.


Willy Paul has been seen in a viral video shouting at Chris Brown in a telephone conversation.

“Hello, Chris Brown, umefika wapi? Mat za number 18? Number nane? Kibera? Ayayayaaaaa! Kibera umeenda kufanya nini wewe kichwa nugu? Umeenda kufanya nini uko? Unadhani hapa ni America! Toka Kibera huko ni kwa kina Octopizzo. Na anajua mnakuja na mko na vitu oriji, ametumana uko! TOKA! Nani? Muko na Trey Songz? Ehh…Mbona hukuniambia munacome nay eye? Sasa hizo ndo ujinga spendangi. Si ungeniambia. Ahh wee pia uko na za ovyo… Sasa analialia hapo nini huyo Trey? Analia? Si ni yeye hakuvote! Si ndio mumepatia ule gathee! Anyway mi najua ni wewe nlikua nasaidia.”


“Hello Chris Brown, where are you? Are you in Kibera? What have you gone to do in Kibera you knucklehead? Do you think Kibera is America? Get out of Octopizzo’s hood because he knows you have original stuff and he sent his boys. Are you with Trey Songz? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming with him? That’s the kind of bullcrap I don’t tolerate. Now why is Trey crying yet it's him who didn’t vote? It’s you who allowed Trump to win. Anyway I know it’s you who I was helping.”

If you didn’t get the joke, Willy Paul was just acting on the Donald Trump joke that was trending online; people were making fun of how immigrants and black people would be deported from US now that Trump had clinched the presidency.


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