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I’m worth Sh800 million- declares Ringtone after his love confession to Zari

Speaking during an Interview with Citizen Extra, Ringtone revealed that he is worth Sh800 million. The singer claims that he makes his money through his music, Hotel Business and bidding for government tenders.

According to the Singer, his wealthy has been accumulated for the past 12 years after starting off on a humble background.

“Currently I own businesses in Hospitality; I bid for tenders, basically I am a young, rich Entrepreneur” said Ringtone during the Interview.

He added that is current net worth is twice of the CEO of WASAFI Diamond who by last year was worth Sh405 Million.


His revelation comes at a time when he is salivating over Diamond’s Ex-wife Zari Hassan.

During the Inteview, he revealed that he wants Zari to be his friend “and if God decided that she be my wife, why not? I am single, I am successful, I am blessed and dark and handsome” he added

He added that his Karen house is vacant, and he is willing to taken in Zari so that she can occupy it.

"Dear Zari Jesus loves you so much na amenitumia Mimi Leo kukuambia kwamba ana mipango poa na wewe. Mimi alinitoa from the streets Mahala sikua na family, Nyumba hata lishe but now magari, hela na amani ninavyo tele. Don't waste time you never know tomorrow. I love you the same way God loves you. Yours faithfully, Ringtone" wrote Ringtone on Instagram


She added that Diamond’s act of getting cozy with his Ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu, contributed to his decision of dumping him.


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